RF Generator

RF Generator (1Kw)
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RF Generator (1Kw)

3000+ Sales in the plasma market

- Uses high-efficiency LDMOS FET (improved durability, long lifetime)
- FPGA, MCU control technology applied (High Accuracy)
- Simple user interface (Analog, RS-232)
- Maintenance cost reduction
- Frequency range from 400kHz to 27.12 MHz
- Power output from 300W to 3kW
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Product Specification 1 file2 Specifications -iGen1310N-R1.pdf
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- Use of high-efficiency LDMOS
- Application of high-speed precision DSP control technology
- Stable output
- Quick response to sudden load variations
- Convenient interface
- Enhanced output efficiency
- Reduced costs in maintenance and repairs
- Etching of oxides or metals
- Reactive sputtering
- Atmospheric pressure plasma
- Reactive ion etching
- Medical high-frequency heating
- High-frequency induction heating
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