Matching Network

Matching Network (3kW ~ 5kW)
  • Matching Network (3kW ~ 5kW) 1번째 상세이미지 썸네일
  • Matching Network (3kW ~ 5kW) 2번째 상세이미지 썸네일
  • Matching Network (3kW ~ 5kW) 3번째 상세이미지 썸네일

Matching Network (3kW ~ 5kW)

4000+ Sales in the plasma market

- Adopted broadband detector
- Stepping motor, No gear (improved durability, accurate capacitor control)
- Simple user interface (RS-232, GUI Software)
- Maintenance cost reduction
- Frequency range from 400kHz to 27.12 MHz
- Output range from 300W to 30kW
- Customized for clients
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Product Specification 1 file2 Specifications -iMat1350L-0914-S.pdf
Product Specification 2 file3 Specifications -iMat1375L-1014-S.pdf
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Digital Automatic Matching Device
- Step Motor System
- Self-diagnosis for capacitor position and error correction
User-Centric Software
- LogicMAT Console program
- Preset mode optimized for all processes
- Provides individual settings and position values for load/tune capacitors
Simple Design
- Customizable upon customer request
- Durable and intuitive design
- Equipped with a honeycomb-structured filter for EMI shielding
- Modular design makes maintenance and management easy
Product Range
- Wide range of frequency matching from low to high frequencies
- Various models available from 600W to 30kW
- Customizable to customer specifications
- Offers a hybrid matching box capable of simultaneous RF and DC operation.
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