Special Components

Product Features

Key Advantages
- Custom-built to suit process characteristics
- Air-cooled, with no issues related to moisture or condensation
- Maximum output usage possible within an ambient temperature of up to 40°C
- Real-time monitoring possible with front panel installation
- High efficiency > 90%
- Compact and light weight design
-Plasma treatment
- Cleaning
The BDS-MF10K is an AC plasma power supply that operates at 40 kHz.
It can operate with output voltages ranging from 2500 to 5000V, and output can be utilized at impedance levels from 600 to 2500 ohms.
This product is custom-designed for large chamber PECVD systems using two electrodes.
Typically used in two processes

- Used in a plasma cleaning process with argon or oxygen gas at plasma voltages of 2500 to 3500V.
- Used in a deposition process with HMDSO gas, occasionally mixed with argon or oxygen gas.
   HMDSO gas typically has a high resistance, so voltages of 3500 to 5000V are used.
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